Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cattin' Around

I'm a cat person.

Sometimes that's a hard thing to say. Being a cat person is frowned upon in these parts.

I like dogs from a distance. I also like the idea of dogs and enjoy having one in my backyard to talk to and look at whenever I please. However, I do not like to touch dogs because they smell gross. Nor do I like for them to lick me.

How did cats get such a bad rep?

They are very inexpensive creatures to take care of. For example, there is no need for expensive toys. They can be easily entertained by simple things such as sweet tarts (which are biodegradable!).

{I promise that someday I will stop being lazy and start posting pictures taken by an actual camera.}

Sure, it may cause a tift or two. But these make for great entertainment while you are getting ready for work!

And the winner will celebrate by doing what cats do best: lying around doing nothing. Which might be slightly annoying when you would rather go back to bed than go to work. But at least SOMEONE is able to lie around all day without a care in the world.

If you are lucky you will even be able to dress them up once in a while. Who says dogs are the only good sports? Just make sure that you pin the clothing so tight that it cannot fall off. 

If the cats are annoying you, you can put them in a basket and lock them in the closet. Can't do that with dogs. Dogs bark. Sure, one of your cats might howl like a dog, but you learn to ignore it.

Best of all they will not bother you very often because they will spend most of their time perched in front of any available windows.

My cats love me. I just know it.

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bee said...

I think cats quite entertaining. I always had cats growing up---outside cats that is. Too many allergies in our family plus ONE (who shall be kept nameless) who is not a pet person. I miss pets, but then they are a big responsibility too. Enjoy your little kitties. Thanks for the pics.