Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This past weekend I turned 25. What a tough thing to say! Luckily, I had already pretty much gotten used to the idea. I was so freaked out on my 24th birthday due to the fact that I was only a year away from 25 that I came to terms with 25 when it was still about 10 months in my future.

When I got home from school on Friday afternoon, Ethan surprised me with tickets to the Rangers game on Saturday!! I was really excited. He had also invited my parents and my sister and her husband to the game. I hadn't been to a Rangers game since high school, so it was a wonderful treat! (And also much better than having to watch the Red Raiders lose to Iowa State.)

I also got to do some shopping while I was there, which always makes for a great birthday. Now I have the next five years to come to terms with turning 30. :)

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