Friday, October 22, 2010

Home or Homeless?

Ethan and I were talking the other day about how we still think of Lubbock as home. I often find myself planning for an evening at a Lubbock destination, or thinking about what errands I need to run and I have the Lubbock location in my mind instead of the Abilene location. Yes, I realize that sounds weird. We've been here for three months... you think I would have figured out what town I'm in by now!

It's weird because for my first several years in Lubbock, I always knew that Abilene was where home was. Lubbock was just a pit-stop. Then somewhere around my 5th year in Lubbock, the tables turned. I thought that once we moved back to Abilene I would just go right back into my old state of mind. Instead, it seems that I see Abilene as a place from my past... the place where I grew up and hold my fondest childhood memories. Lubbock is home to me as an adult, as an independent person. I can't help but wonder if it would take years to return to the mindset that Abilene is "home".

So I miss Lubbock. A lot. And when I lived in Lubbock, I missed Abilene a lot. I must be bad at moving.

Either way, tomorrow I get to go back to Lubbock for a little day trip with my mom!! To shop and eat at all of those glorious places that I took for granted when I lived there. Can't wait!!

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