Monday, October 18, 2010


If you have ever worked in an office with a lot of women, you probably know what I mean when I say that scents can be a battle. Someone always thinks someone else's candle is too sweet, too sour, too strong, too fruity. I've never been extremely sensitive to scents, so really I couldn't care less what someone else chooses to use in their personal office.

When you spend all day trapped in a room with 20-something smelly children, you learn real fast that you're going to need a little help overpowering those smells. I was in San Antonio the weekend after school started and came across a Scentchips shop. Scentchips is the original wax chip manufacturer, or so they say. And even though nearly half of the teachers at school are Scentsy consultants, I decided to purchase a Scentchips wax warmer instead. Dare to be different.

Keeping in mind my previous experiences with wax warmers in the work place, I was pretty paranoid as I chose my scents. I had the kind saleswoman help me choose the least overbearing scents in the entire store. I didn't want ANYONE to speak badly about my wax warmer.

The following Monday I unwrapped my precious little wax warmer. Rather than placing the recommended 10 chips on the warmer I only used 4, for fear that the scent might wander down the hall (more than once I have listened as other teachers talked about how horrible so and so's from down the hall's new Scentsy flavor is). I was NOT going to be that girl. No sir. And as far as I know, I wasn't! I added a chip per day for about a week until I reached the recommended ten. The smell was oh-so-pleasant and I received several compliments.

Last week I noticed that I could no longer smell anything, so this morning I replaced the old chips. This time (having now gained a certain trust), I put all ten chips in. Fourth period rolls around. The teacher of the class comes up to me after a few minutes and says "It smells like someone is wearing REALLY strong perfume in here. Or maybe hairspray." I just smiled, with my first thought being that she really did think someone had on perfume. Then I remembered who was making the comment and said "Really? Huh. My nose is stopped up." .....I mean... what ELSE do you say when someone is passive-aggressively dissing your wax warmer?

When she walked into the hall after class was over she commented to another teacher about how badly it smelled. As loudly as she possibly could.

I quickly turned the burner off and may never use it again.

Being the new kid in school is hard. :(


bee said...

Oh do NOT do that. Burn that wax warmer and put in at least 15 chips! I know it is hard to do, but blow her off. I am sure the aroma was wonderful and she was jealous because her room stinks.

Sarah Huffman said...

oh my gosh. how rude. i know you won't, but i think you should still use it. it's your classroom. do what you want! : )