Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Officially Fall

I have had many standoffs with cockroaches since I first encountered this little guy. All encounters have concluded with the pansy cockroach running and hiding under a piece of furniture somewhere. But today, FINALLY, I was victorious! I tried a new tactic: putting a styrofoam cup over him, crunching him with the edge of the cup, and using the old paper technique to dispose of the body. It feels good. I saved the cup for next time, so cockroaches watch out.

On a totally unrelated subject, I saw this Modern Fall Wreath Tutorial last week and really wanted to try it out. I'm not a big wreath person, but I think this one caught my eye because it looks young and fresh.

I had planned on doing a fallish theme also, but it turned out that I went to Hobby Lobby on game day, so of course I ended up deciding to do red and black...

It was a lot of fun and turned out pretty cute! It will look even better when we get our new front door this weekend!!

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texasholls said...

Cute wreath. someday I will have time to make stuff like this again. I mowed the yard today and didn't die so I guess I will have to give fall credit for being here although it is still ridiculously hot!