Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leave my toes alone!

The high today might be 85 degrees, but I still know that fall has arrived. I know this because on Monday I started having to use my space heaters while I get ready in the mornings. Every year I think about how strange it is that once I start using the space heaters, I never turn back. It's like I'm terrified that if I don't feel like I need the space heater one day, I will absolutely freeze and be filled with regret. Or maybe it just truly IS permanently cold from that point forward. I also know it's fall because my Raynaud's has once again began to make an appearance. So far I am only losing circulation in my two second toes, but that is where it always begins.

My feet are most cold whenever I am trying to go to sleep at night... but I REFUSE to wear socks. They feel too weird to sleep in. It's just never going to work. I think it is finally time to buckle down and purchase some sort of foot warmer to put next to my feet at night. I think it needs to be fun and cute, because otherwise I probably won't ever use it for fear of feeling like an old lady.

These are really cute, but I think you would need to be wearing socks or shoes to keep them properly aligned.

I like the idea of these little hand/feet warmers. My mom used to put these in mine and my sister's gloves and socks while we marched in parades or went to football games. They worked pretty well! And these are so much more adorable than the disposable ones.

But when all comes down to it, this one is my favorite. It would be so perfect to use as a toe warmer while I sleep. And it is SO not old ladyish.

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