Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hit 'em. Wreck 'em. The show must go on.

I miss Lubbock sometimes. Maybe we'll move back there someday. Maybe we'll just live in Abilene forever. Who knows.

Sunday will be rough... first day of Red Raider football!!! And I will have to watch it on the couch. I've had season tickets every year since 2004. I wanted season tickets this year but I could never truly justify it. Abilene is ONLY 2.5 hours away from Lubbock... why didn't I just go for it?
I don't know if it's actually the game that I love. It's the environment that has always been my favorite thing about football. I love the feeling that comes over the entire city on game day. I love that everyone wears the exact same color and that it is acceptable to wear fake tatoos on your face. There's something so exciting about parking 5 miles from the stadium and walking across campus. People everywhere. The smell of bbq. Scorching hot games followed by freezing your booty off games. Love love love. I can't even talk about this anymore.

There's no hope of a replacement team in this town! I will probably go to a few Abilene High games of course. I love high school football in a way that is totally different from college football. Too bad my loving husband has absolutely no desire to attend high school games. I think he's insane and needs to get out more.
HELLOOOO! State champs here!! Don't you think that's a big deal? No? I thought getting him hooked on Friday Night Lights might do the trick, but he says the show has nothing to do with high school football. Hmph.

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bee said...

Hmmmm.... I always found high school football pretty exciting. Maybe it was because I was in the band and we went to all the games. Ethan never got into the high school sports thing. Guess that was my fault. Anyway, hope you can drag him to a few games and have fun. Holly always enjoyed Tech games best I can remember.