Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Weekend!

One word sums up this week: Exhaustion.

Does that make me pathetic? Four day weeks are supposed to be easy! I think it will be better once I get my students used to the way things work in my class and we can get into a routine. Introducing so many kids to a brand new program has been a little difficult.

My schedule is set up so that I will be teaching a maximum of five class sections per day, but I have been teaching seven per day. Seven classes visit my room per day, but am not "in charge" of teaching the second grade classes. I teach the third and fourth graders, and the second grade teachers use my room to teach their own classes. This week it turned out that the second grade teachers were unable to teach their own classes due to many various reasons. I have taught a total of eight extra class periods this week that I was not supposed to teach......................

...I have nothing more to say regarding this matter.

On the evening of day TWO I started coming down with a sore throat, so that hasn't been too fun. Apparently my sanitizing skills are not quite up to par. I might have to start cleaning the keyboards more frequently.

Although things are crazy, I really am enjoying myself. Just needing a small break! Which is what the weekend is for!! Ethan and I are going to take a quick day trip to Ft. Worth tomorrow so I can get some tap shoes at The Dance Shop. Abilene doesn't have a single store that sells dance clothes - ridiculous! But I am really excited because I will get to see my sister for the first time since the wedding. Hope everyone has a nice, longggggg weekend!

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bee said...

First year teaching is the year most get sick, plus just being run down. That is so funny about the tap dance lessons. Tam was obsessed with wanting to tap dance when she was about 6 or 7? Not sure. I think we were in Reserve, NM at the time. Where on earth would you take tap dance lessons there??? She would ask every day if we would buy her some tap shoes. Ask Ethan if he remembers. Have lots of fun in dance.