Friday, September 17, 2010

Everyone Loves a Fair

Today is one of my favorite days of the year....

FAIR DAY!!!!!!! 

Every fall I wait with baited breath for the week that the fair comes to town. Well, that week is now, and tonight we get to go. I can hardly contain my excitement! I know the fair is dirty, sketchy, and smelly, but something about it is just so much fun. I love the food that is so awesomely awful for you, the crazy rides, the booths, and the animals. I would spend an entire day there if I didn't have to work!

I haven't been to the West Texas Fair & Rodeo in several years, so we'll see if it lives up to my memories. I spent the last few years at the South Plains Fair, which is awesome, except they didn't have any of my favorite rides last year. Luckily for me I could see the fair from the stadium last night, so I scoped it out. The Zipper is totally here.

And in three weeks I will get to go to the State Fair for the second time. Woohoo!!! Best time of year ever.

TGIF and Wreck 'Em.

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bee said...

Ask Ethan about the time that me and Brian and Tam went with him to the South Plains fair in LBB. He "loves" that ride where you spin up against the wall. hahaha I think he left part of himself on the midway that eve. Have fun. I love fair days too. Enjoy the state fair. I am jealous!