Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1

Monday... we meet again.

Is it unhealthy to begin every single morning by mentally counting down the days until you get to sleep in on Saturday? I always wonder that, but continue to do it. Mondays are of course the worst day for this sort of counting.

I loved everything about the fair on Friday night. We walked around and saw a lot of interesting arts and crafts, ate dinner at three different booths, saw a bunch of fluffy cows, went to the petting zoo, and rode three super scary rides!

I also experienced my very first rodeo, which was a ton of fun! I wouldn't mind going again someday for a little longer.

But now we're at Monday. We can do this.

Monday mornings at school are actually one of my favorites because I don't have any kiddos until 9:30. Silence is bliss.

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