Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crunch Gut Love

This morning I walked into my classroom, started turning on all of the lights, and saw the most enormous cockroach of all time running across the room. I think I have told you before... but I'll say it again: I am extremely grossed out by cockroaches. Is there a phobia for that? Because I have it. I hate spiders, and being trapped, and tornados too, but I think my fear of cockroaches is slightly worse. This is the THIRD cockroach that I have seen in my classroom in the past month. Luckily the first two times there were others in my room and they kindly squished them with their shoes for me (and disposed of the bodies).

I became a pro at killing and disposing cockroaches in my old house in Lubbock. It was absolutely dreadful and I had goosebumps for several minutes after the ordeal... but most of them were already near death thanks to a beautiful thing called pest control. Perhaps I should pass their information along to the school district. THESE cockroaches are MUCH larger, MUCH uglier, and in MUCH better health than the cockroaches that I am used to.

Back to my friend from this morning...
I froze in place and started trying to think of what to do. I couldn't bear the idea of putting my foot close enough to the nasty creature to step on him, much less hear the crunch and get his guts all over the bottom of my cute little sandal.
Nope, not happening. I began searching frantically for something in my room that was long, flat, and disposable. Nothing. In 5th grade I invented something called the "Ug-Bug Catcher." Basically just a little rubbermaid container attached to a dowel stick, and the lid of the container attached to a second dowel stick. Put the container down on the floor in front of said bug, use lid to guide bug into the container, and safely dispose of the bug outside. All without bending down, getting anywhere near the bug, or having to actually kill it. My parents still hold one of these catchers captive and refuse to give it to me.

I grabbed some Lysol, opened the back door, and attempted to spray it at him while prompting him to run outside.
This may seem like a laughing matter now, but it was certainly not! My plan worked for a minute until he found my storage cabinet and disappeared between the cracks. I have had goosebumps off and on all day. I cannot put my feet on the ground when I'm sitting in my chair. What if he is in my food stash as we speak?


Jessica said...

Ugh. Sick. I hate those things too. It is horrible to have to touch and kill them, but way way worse to know they are on the loose. I just killed some kind of nasty bug in my house about thirty minutes ago and my heart is still slightly racing from it.

bee said...

That is one of the things I do not miss in CO. In Beaumont we had HUGE ones. Ethan wanted to pick them up when he was 2 years old. UGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! He was our delighted roach killer in Beaumont. He loved to stomp on them. Blech! Hope you can get those nasty things under control.