Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1.5 > Me

Whew. Long day. Today was the first day that I have shared my classroom with children. Fifth graders all day and man are 5th graders big! I sure do miss tiny kindergarteners. Things went well... no one got in major trouble and all followed instructions pretty well. One thing I did learn is that I don't think I could ever teach 5th grade. My attention span is far too limited! These kids have to spend an hour and a half per day on each of three subjects. Now, when I think of time in terms of an hour and a half I think of the good 'ole college days when Tuesday/Thursday courses were an hour and a half long. Man oh man, how I preferred the MWF 50 minute classes.

Of course, I am only helping the 5th grade math teacher at the moment as her classes borrow my computers. Maybe time will go by more quickly when I start teaching. Luckily, my own classes will only be a mere 45 minutes. Which will TOTALLY go fast, right? Even though I will be doing the same thing 7 times a day? (Is it obvious that I have spent too much time in classrooms full of 6 year olds where we got to change subjects every 10 minutes?) Ethan always accuses me of having absolutely no patience. I would agree. But... I can hope that once everything gets started I will get accumulated to repeating the same thing over and over and I won't actually feel like a middle school teacher. Lord help middle school teachers, am I right?

Sit me in a classroom for too long and I'll start daydreaming about pretty fonts that I want to use on my blog,*

cute fabric that I wish I knew where to find so I could make cute projects now that I am actually beginning to have a structured life again,*

whether or not I will find any cute "professional" clothes in San Antonio this weekend,*

and the cupcakes that I made last Sunday.*

*All things that I did NOT think about during school today.

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Drs Meyer said...

Middle school teachers love you for thinking of us, you dear girl! Though I have to take myself out of that mix now thankfully :) Love your blogs and You're gonna do great!!! I hope to come to your classroom sometime cuz it looks awesome!