Monday, August 30, 2010

Color Me Crazy


We had a wonderful time in San Antonio this weekend. I always love the river walk! We ate a lot of great food, walked the majority of it off, and I even got a little shopping in. But now the weekend is over and it's back to school. Still with 5th grade this week... still greatly anticipating my own students. Someday it will surely happen!

Today I'm having hair issues. Seems like I have those pretty often. Back in May I decided that I should dye my hair a little lighter than usual because it likes to lighten up during the summer and have a strange two-tone thing going on. I thought it was a genius idea and that I would finally have one shade all over for once. Nope. By June (before the wedding, mind you) I had enormous roots going on. The light color made my natural color look almost black. I let it slide because I hate dying my hair. I think hair cuts are extremely awkward because I don't like having to small-talk with the stylist, so in order to avoid adding an extra hour at the salon (and the extra $100), I usually just dye my hair myself. Unfortunately my hair has gotten so long that I have to use two boxes of dye now. ANYWAY, back to today's hair issues. Every time I have seen my hair in the mirror, the dark now 4-inch roots seem to be at battle with the hideous reddish-yellowish post summer ends. I can no longer ignore what is going on and today I will be going to buy new dye. So that I can dye it one shade darker and no one will even notice tomorrow. The joys of being a woman!


texasholls said...

I hate haircuts for the same reason! So if my hair looks like an out of control squirrels tail...well you know I'm just putting off the dreaded dead much longer than is reasonable because of my irrational phobia of small talking stylists.

texasholls said...

that was supposed to be "deed" not "dead"

Jenna said...

Hahahaha... I am so glad that we share this phobia!!!

bee said...

Must be an Eckstein thing. It seems none of us really like going to get our hair cut. Tam has branched out and been more successful lately. I wonder if it is because she goes somewhere that is more than the usual $14 dollar cut. ha My hair has always been a trial to me. Good luck on the dye job. You are braver than I. : )

Blabber said...

I'm more afraid to dye my hair than cut it! What if it turns green? What if the color makes my skin look yellow? What if it all falls out!? Nope, too much to risk. Maybe those fears will be overcome when I start seeing gray!