Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lubbock or Leave It

Well.... I'm back!! Back in Lubbock, back at work. Lubbock is a little flatter than I remembered it. Antigua spoiled me with lots of pretty trees and flowers. The wedding was everything I imagined, and the honeymoon was absolutely wonderful. It was a great two weeks! I love being married! I promise I will tell you all about the wedding and the honeymoon as soon as I can. But first I have to catch up on work. Today is my first day back, and I feel like I'm light years behind. I love taking vacation, but I hate coming back to work because I always feel like I missed something really important. Oh well, it is nice to have a set schedule again. (How's that for a positive work outlook :)

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bee said...

Know the feeling of going to the "flatlands" We experience that every time we go to TX. I do love the mt. scenery. You have a great attitude about work. I would have NEVER come up with that one. Don't work too hard. Glad marriage is agreeing with you. : )