Friday, July 9, 2010

It's FRIDAY!!!!

It's only been a three day work week for me, but somehow I am ecstatic that it's Friday. Let me just tell you, it has been a longggggg time since I had a weekend in Lubbock that didn't involve wedding things. I'm sure Ethan is even more relieved than I am. Hopefully it will be a great one!

Here are a couple more before the wedding pictures! One of my fabulous bridesmaids, Lacey, was wonderful enough to rent an adorable little bed & breakfast for all of us to stay in the night before the wedding. We took silly pictures and watched High School Musical 3. Perfect.
Pretending to be cheerleaders. Lame, we know.
The wonderful brunch that the girls made for us the next morning! It was delicious.
Don't we look lovely with our pre-wedding hair and lack of makeup? Haha. Miss all of you girls already!!
Have a lovely weekend!!!

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