Friday, July 16, 2010

Color Complications

Last day of work for a while! This weekend Ethan and I are making a trip to Abilene to start painting our future home. I'm an indecisive person, so picking paint colors that I have to live with every day for quite some time is a major thing for me. I have changed my mind about colors soooo many times.
This is only a small portion of what I was dealing with!!! I would tell you the final colors, but I just might change my mind again. I brought them all to work with me today to get the opinion of the other girls. Of course, they gave me some helpful tips and I changed my mind once again. Gotta love it! I have a lot of stuff to exchange at Target and Dillard's due to my indecision. I've also heard horror stories about loving disagreements between couples while painting, so hopefully there will be none of that. :) Either way, wish us luck! Leaving the HSC is bittersweet, but I'm excited about brand new beginnings!!

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bee said...

Wow! What a lot of colors to choose from. Can't wait to see what you finally go with. When you finish, you can come to my house and do some nice painting. : )