Friday, July 16, 2010

Color Complications

Last day of work for a while! This weekend Ethan and I are making a trip to Abilene to start painting our future home. I'm an indecisive person, so picking paint colors that I have to live with every day for quite some time is a major thing for me. I have changed my mind about colors soooo many times.
This is only a small portion of what I was dealing with!!! I would tell you the final colors, but I just might change my mind again. I brought them all to work with me today to get the opinion of the other girls. Of course, they gave me some helpful tips and I changed my mind once again. Gotta love it! I have a lot of stuff to exchange at Target and Dillard's due to my indecision. I've also heard horror stories about loving disagreements between couples while painting, so hopefully there will be none of that. :) Either way, wish us luck! Leaving the HSC is bittersweet, but I'm excited about brand new beginnings!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sandals Grande Antigua

When I posted the pictures of our resort on here a few weeks ago, I was a little skeptic because I figured there was absolutely no way that the resort was going to be as gorgeous as the pictures I found online. Now, looking at them again, they are 100% accurate. We had a WONDERFUL time. The only thing that I didn't like about the week were the travel days. They were very very long. But, Antigua made it all worth it. I feel like I have become a Sandals spokesperson because I have been talking up their resorts so much since we got home. But seriously, everyone should go at some point. There is something very unique about being at a place where everyone is in love. It's a very wonderful environment. I was also extremely impressed by the cleanliness of the place and the friendliness of the staff.

This was the hut that we stayed in. Sandals Grande Antigua has an older and a newer side to the resort. We stayed in the older side. The newer side is more like a hotel, whereas the older side is more spaced out and a little more private.
We were completely shocked the first day when we were led to our room. We found out that we had been upgraded to a room with a private plunge pool! There are only 8 of these at the resort, so we felt extremely special. We had our own fenced in back yard with a pool, a little table, two lounge chairs and a beautiful little garden. Doesn't get much better than that!!
Here is the pool where we spent most of our afternoons. You can see the resort-style rooms in the background.
We spent every morning at the beach. It was gorgeous!
I sure do miss that place. We made some great memories and could not have asked for a better honeymoon. I cannot wait to return someday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#1 Trainer

This week I have become a professional new employee trainer. Have I mentioned that this Friday is my last day at my current job? Well, it is. Ethan and I have decided to move to Abilene at the end of this month. Ethan will continue his current job but I will be looking for a new one! We decided we needed a change, and Abilene makes the most sense for us right now because my parents are going to allow us to live in a house that they have been renting out for several years. We are hoping to save up enough to buy our own house within the next couple of years or so. Anyway... more on all of that later!

I have been MIA in the blog world due to the fact that I have been training my replacement. I never realized how much knowledge you retain about a job until I started having to reiterate it to someone else! I hope that I haven't confused her too badly and that she won't be totally lost next week...

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's FRIDAY!!!!

It's only been a three day work week for me, but somehow I am ecstatic that it's Friday. Let me just tell you, it has been a longggggg time since I had a weekend in Lubbock that didn't involve wedding things. I'm sure Ethan is even more relieved than I am. Hopefully it will be a great one!

Here are a couple more before the wedding pictures! One of my fabulous bridesmaids, Lacey, was wonderful enough to rent an adorable little bed & breakfast for all of us to stay in the night before the wedding. We took silly pictures and watched High School Musical 3. Perfect.
Pretending to be cheerleaders. Lame, we know.
The wonderful brunch that the girls made for us the next morning! It was delicious.
Don't we look lovely with our pre-wedding hair and lack of makeup? Haha. Miss all of you girls already!!
Have a lovely weekend!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Rehearsal

Everyone keeps asking me how the wedding was and I keep saying "It was great, but I feel like I don't remember much!" I remember everyone telling me that I would feel that way once all was said and done, so I tried extremely hard to soak it all in while everything was happening. Still, there are several blank spots so I'm glad I have the pictures to remind me! As I was driving to the rehearsal on Friday evening, I noticed several storm clouds off in the distance. I panicked momentarily, but then realized that the storm clouds were going to keep us all from melting outside while we rehearsed. And luckily, no rain! In fact I was almost hoping for the same clouds to appear the next evening at the wedding so the guests could catch a break (no such luck there).

My old youth pastor, C.V. Blake, was the officiant for the ceremony. It was great getting to spend time with him again. He was a very influential person for me throughout middle school and high school, and I have now enjoyed learning about marriage from him.
I don't think the groomsmen paid any attention to what was going on at the rehearsal, but they managed to flawlessly pull it off at the wedding anyway! I feel very blessed to have married someone in my circle of friends because these guys are all extremely special to not only Ethan, but to me as well. I went to high school with two of them and over the years they have become some of my very best friends. Having your dearest friends standing on both sides as you walk down the aisle is a very neat experience.
Here are the bridesmaids. I was honored to have my three future sister-in-laws in the wedding. One of them is about seven months pregnant and she was such a trooper! I cannot wait to get to know them even better over the years. The other four girls are actually from Abilene and have been my friends for a very long time. Kasey and I danced together throughout our childhood, Lacey and JuliAnne were my best friends during high school, and Sarah and I became best friends when she moved in with me during college. My younger sister Chelsea was my Matron (I can't believe she's a Matron!) of Honor. I love them all very, very much. Thanks for sharing this experience with me!
Some of our friends at the rehearsal dinner, which was at Joe Allen's BBQ. My MIL and SIL's did a wonderful job of putting this all together. They did a great job on the adorable decorations! They are all extremely creative. Thank you guys so much!!
The cute table decorations!! I LOVE the white flowers and the stencil design.
Ethan and I with my sister and her new husband. Love them!
It was a great Wedding Eve with family and friends. Thanks to everyone who made our weekend so special!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lubbock or Leave It

Well.... I'm back!! Back in Lubbock, back at work. Lubbock is a little flatter than I remembered it. Antigua spoiled me with lots of pretty trees and flowers. The wedding was everything I imagined, and the honeymoon was absolutely wonderful. It was a great two weeks! I love being married! I promise I will tell you all about the wedding and the honeymoon as soon as I can. But first I have to catch up on work. Today is my first day back, and I feel like I'm light years behind. I love taking vacation, but I hate coming back to work because I always feel like I missed something really important. Oh well, it is nice to have a set schedule again. (How's that for a positive work outlook :)