Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we made a quick trip to Austin and it turned out to be a much-needed mini vacay. We got a few things accomplished on Saturday morning and by late afternoon we found ourselves a little unsure as to what to do next. Don't get me wrong, I think Austin is a great place. I just haven't spent enough time there to really know what fun things there are to do. So what did we do? Made a whim decision to drive to San Antonio for the rest of the weekend. Most sporadic decision I have ever made!!! (Okay, maybe not the MOST sporadic... but I am not typically a person who changes my plans on a whim.) Needless to say, I was rather proud of myself. It was honestly an easy decision because San Antonio is my favorite city in Texas. Always has been. Once we arrived in San Antonio we headed straight for the River Walk. A no-brainer.
And, of course we ate dinner right next to the river at Casa Rio!
We went shopping at the mall and walked all over the place, ending the evening with some delicious ice cream. Best whim decision ever. On Sunday I got to make a quick stop at The Shops at La Cantera on the way home. My second favorite thing about San Antonio.
A great weekend. And now let the madness of the week begin!!

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bee said...

I love San Antonio too. I have not been there since 1981. I loved the River Walk. Holly was only 18 mos. old. Great memories.
Enjoy the next 2 weeks!