Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Office Nemesis

Since my office doubles as the admissions office and the student affairs office, we make sure that our office is a friendly place for our students to visit. Therefore, about three times a year, we make an office candy run to Walmart and stock up on bags and bags of candy. I'm talking like 2 carts full. The "prime" candies usually last for around a month, and then everything slowly begins to disappear or taste old. These prime candy months are killer for me. I never crave candy unless I see it, so usually I am pretty good about containing my sweet tooth. However, when I see good candy in the office, I feel the need to eat a piece, and once I eat one it's like I have to eat four or five (until my stomach starts to hurt a little). Why do I have such horrible self control?!

Two weeks ago we made one of our famous candy runs, and ever since I have been obsessed with these,

and these.

I hope we will run out of all of the above very soon.

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texasholls said...

You sound like Aaron. One of his coworker's whose office is really close to his has good candy and he ate so much of it this year he felt like he had to pay her some money at the end of the year for all the candy he ate.