Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back in touch with the world!!

WHEW!! The HSC has been without internet/computer access since about 9:00 last Friday morning. We finally regained access at around 2:00 today. The last 4 days have made for the most boring days at work e.v.e.r. I couldn't even blog. :( Apparently, someone on the Odessa campus contracted a computer virus that ended up wiping out computers at all of our campuses throughout Texas. It was one crazy virus. I also learned that my job completely revolves around access to the internet. I was able to find enough filing and cleaning to make the first day pass, but after that I have just felt worthless. Thank goodness for the other girls up here because there is no way we all could have made it if we didn't have each other to talk to all day. It just goes to show how much our world revolves around the internet. Actually, it's pretty sad. When I sat down at my computer a little while ago and saw we had access again, my heart started racing with excitement!! Unfortunately, I am still unable to actually do any real work because several sites and drives are still down. Maybe I will be able to get caught up starting tomorrow. I will definitely be snowed under for several days because of this... but I'd rather have a lot to do than stare at a black computer screen all day. :)

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