Thursday, May 13, 2010


We got our engagements back from Paul Norman yesterday! I was really excited. Paul was one of my dearest college friends and will also be a groomsman in our wedding. Even though it was raining the day of our pictures, I thought they turned out really well! Here are a few:
Of course, I can't show you my favorites because I'm saving those for the wedding. :)


Sarah Huffman said...

aww!!! they're cute!!! i love # 3 and #4! Yay!!!!

texasholls said...

my brother looks so thrilled about this photo shoot. haha! The puddle one is my favorite out of these. And the one with you and the umbrella is cute too!

ethan.eckstein said...

Whatever I did what I was told for the most part.

bee said...

I love these! They are very original. They are MUCH better than the fake sr. pics. haha