Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Well, I survived the crazy weekend! We managed to take our engagements on Friday afternoon despite the persistent showers. Hopefully we got some cute shots even though my hair looked dreadful. Saturday was my shower. We moved it inside to escape more rainy weather. Ethan and I received a TON of wonderful gifts that we don't deserve. We nearly needed a moving truck to get the stuff back to Lubbock. I can't wait to open up all of the boxes in a couple of months and replace all of my old hand-me-downs!

My best friend Sarah had planned to take mine and Chelsea's bridals on Sunday, but it was still rainy and we couldn't really risk ruining the dresses. She was awesome enough to reschedule for next Sunday, so hopefully the rain chance will remain at 0%.

Thanks so much to everyone who came this weekend. It was SO great to get to see everyone and I can't wait til next time. Love you all!!

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bee said...

I am going to assume these are some of the things you got? Holly told me the dishes were really pretty. Lots of fun ahead!