Friday, April 16, 2010

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

I love rain. I live for rainy days, constantly checking the 10-day forecast for even the slightest of chances. It has been pouring down rain in Lubbock since yesterday. Most of the streets are flooded because a drainage system in Lubbock doesn't exist. Even though the driving has been frustrating, it's been a lot of fun! We never get this much rain!!

Unfortunately, the rain and I aren't getting along as well as usual at the moment. Ethan and I are heading to Abilene in a couple of hours for a very full weekend. We are supposed to have our engagement photos taken (outdoors) this afternoon. Chance of rain in Abilene? 80-90%. Tomorrow afternoon is my bridal shower! Poolside. Chance of rain? 80%. Sunday afternoon are my bridal portraits. Again outdoors. Chance of rain: 70%. I think this is the sun's way of sticking it to me for wishing it away all of this time. But, hopefully we'll find a way to make everything work. And maybe, just maybe, the sun will decide to shine for at least one of these activities. Pretty please, Mr. Sun? :)


texasholls said...

how frustrating! Maybe ya'll can bust out some umbrellas and galoshes and get some cute pictures of you hanging out in the rain? hope it all works out!

bee said...

Too bad the rain comes on the exact weekend for planned outdoor activities. I think all will work out even so. Have tons of fun.