Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Key Word in Working Out is Work

Yesterday was Day 1 of working out. I stopped about six months ago because I got sick of it... which is nothing new. I've tried and tried to make myself enjoy working out, but so far it has never worked. The rest of my immediate family are avid exercisers/healthy eaters. I despise working out and would prefer to eat fast food for 90% of my meals if I could. Terrible right? I think part of the reason that I hate working out so much is due to the fact that I spent the first 18 years of my life getting exercise from dance classes and cheerleading practice... things that I really enjoyed. The hours could fly by without me ever noticing that I was technically "working out." When I began college, working out became something voluntary and something that I had to come up with myself rather than being told what to do. So, every few months I decide it's time to begin the "workout phase," which lasts for several months and then ends abruptly when I can no longer stand it. How long will this one last? Well, hopefully at least through June 26th.

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bee said...

You sound like EJ. If is not actually playing some sort of sport/game, it is DULL and he hates it. Good luck and hope you can stick with it since you desire it. It certainly doesn't seem that you "need" it. : )