Thursday, April 29, 2010

I must be hungry..

I've been on a Rosa's kick this week. Sometimes I'll go through stages where I will eat it multiple times per week. I had it for dinner last night and then one of the women that I work with brought it for lunch today. I could hardly stomach my PB&J because all I could think about after that was eating Rosa's again.

Why can't I ever be obsessed with eating at healthy restaurants... like maybe Bless Your Heart? Oh yeah. Probably because I don't like healthy food.

While I'm on a restaurant kick, Ethan and I tried Spoonful (Lubbock's new yogurt place) the other night. Let me just say it was delicious. The best part about it is that you get to serve yourself and they have TONS of different toppings to choose from. When you are finished creating your treat the cashiers just weigh it and send you on your way. We got two good-sized yogurts for around 5 bucks!

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texasholls said...

A Rosa's just opened up really close to our house and I cannot wait to go. I love coming to Lubbock so I can eat at Rosa's.