Thursday, April 1, 2010

One taco short of a combination plate.

I got home from work yesterday with the idea in my head that I was going to do something about the disasters known as my bathroom drawers. I am an overly organized person in every aspect except my drawers. I do not leave ANYTHING laying out around the house because it drives me crazy. Everything always has to be in its exact place. No counters can have a single visible crumb. The bed must be made, the blinds must be open, and the couches must be straightened. If any of these things are out of order, I feel stressed out and messy. But.... don't open any drawers because you will think you have entered the most unorganized home in the world. They drive me crazy every time I open them because things fall over. I spend lots of time every day trying to stand everything back up to provide SOME sort of organization. For some reason, before yesterday it had never occurred to me that there is, in fact, a solution to messy drawers. Sections! Once I get a good idea in my mind, I want to get it taken care of right that moment. Not tomorrow, not next week... now. It's probably a personality flaw, but what can you do? So, when Ethan came over he helped me scour the place for shoe boxes. After a very unsuccessful search, Ethan came up with the idea of making sections himself. I'm very lucky to have found a man that will go along with my crazy ideas, even though he receives very little notice. We bought some wood at Lowe's, he worked his magic... and just like that, my drawers have become wonderful little additions to my life.

Here is a before picture of one of my more embarrassing drawers:
And here are the beautiful sections that Ethan created!:
How did I ever survive before?!
Another pesky problem drawer:
I bought a five dollar basket to solve this problem:
Ethan is going to make a few more wooden sectionals for the rest of my bathroom drawers. What a wonderful solution to an everyday problem! Thanks, babe!


bee said...

Why didn't I see this talent while I still had the boy at home? ha He is a pretty good guy when he wants to be. So glad you can feel more organized.

Brandon E. said...

Gonna be a handy husband Ethan, proud of ya man.

(I know the feeling, I also don't like things laying out at all, but don't look in our cabinets.)