Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally Friday!

I've been looking forward to the weekend ALL week! I'm looking forward to some relaxation (don't want to say it too loud or it might not actually happen :). Have a great one!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I must be hungry..

I've been on a Rosa's kick this week. Sometimes I'll go through stages where I will eat it multiple times per week. I had it for dinner last night and then one of the women that I work with brought it for lunch today. I could hardly stomach my PB&J because all I could think about after that was eating Rosa's again.

Why can't I ever be obsessed with eating at healthy restaurants... like maybe Bless Your Heart? Oh yeah. Probably because I don't like healthy food.

While I'm on a restaurant kick, Ethan and I tried Spoonful (Lubbock's new yogurt place) the other night. Let me just say it was delicious. The best part about it is that you get to serve yourself and they have TONS of different toppings to choose from. When you are finished creating your treat the cashiers just weigh it and send you on your way. We got two good-sized yogurts for around 5 bucks!

Rockin' Save the Dates

Whyyyy didn't I think of this?!??

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Key Word in Working Out is Work

Yesterday was Day 1 of working out. I stopped about six months ago because I got sick of it... which is nothing new. I've tried and tried to make myself enjoy working out, but so far it has never worked. The rest of my immediate family are avid exercisers/healthy eaters. I despise working out and would prefer to eat fast food for 90% of my meals if I could. Terrible right? I think part of the reason that I hate working out so much is due to the fact that I spent the first 18 years of my life getting exercise from dance classes and cheerleading practice... things that I really enjoyed. The hours could fly by without me ever noticing that I was technically "working out." When I began college, working out became something voluntary and something that I had to come up with myself rather than being told what to do. So, every few months I decide it's time to begin the "workout phase," which lasts for several months and then ends abruptly when I can no longer stand it. How long will this one last? Well, hopefully at least through June 26th.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Carrot Cake Love

I'm lovingggg this carrot cake recipe right now. Best part? There are step-by-step instructions with pictures included! I don't really know if I've ever even eaten carrot cake before. Mostly because I don't like raisins or nuts. But this recipe doesn't include either of those! Now I'm wanting a piece of cake very badly, but luckily I don't have access to one at the moment. Hopefully I can try this one soon. MMMMMMmmmm.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'd much rather be forever in blue jeans..

Today I am mourning the loss of my favorite pair of jeans. Sadly, I discovered two growing holes a couple of weeks ago. I have already gone through four patches... so I guess it's time to give up. They were hardly more than a year old. I've searched the entire internet to try to find a duplicate pair, but good 'ole 7forallmankind only carries specific styles for a year before moving on to something "bigger and better." Now I'm down to one wearable pair of jeans!

RIP, best jeans I've ever had. I will miss you forever.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Happy day Mother Earth! I found some chic downloadable recycling bin labels created by Poppytalk that can make recycling more fun... and perhaps even stylish. Click here (paper and metal) and here (plastic and glass).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mother's Day Roundup

Mother's Day is only a couple of weeks away and I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what I can get my mom this year. I feel like I have used up every possible idea. This morning I ran across the CUTEST blog of DIY ideas....
So many adorable ideas. So little time. When I get my life back in a couple of months, you'd better believe that the sewing machine is coming back out. I have a whole to-do list of DIY projects waiting for me at home!! See the rest of the Mother's Day Roundup handmade gift ideas here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Well, I survived the crazy weekend! We managed to take our engagements on Friday afternoon despite the persistent showers. Hopefully we got some cute shots even though my hair looked dreadful. Saturday was my shower. We moved it inside to escape more rainy weather. Ethan and I received a TON of wonderful gifts that we don't deserve. We nearly needed a moving truck to get the stuff back to Lubbock. I can't wait to open up all of the boxes in a couple of months and replace all of my old hand-me-downs!

My best friend Sarah had planned to take mine and Chelsea's bridals on Sunday, but it was still rainy and we couldn't really risk ruining the dresses. She was awesome enough to reschedule for next Sunday, so hopefully the rain chance will remain at 0%.

Thanks so much to everyone who came this weekend. It was SO great to get to see everyone and I can't wait til next time. Love you all!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

I love rain. I live for rainy days, constantly checking the 10-day forecast for even the slightest of chances. It has been pouring down rain in Lubbock since yesterday. Most of the streets are flooded because a drainage system in Lubbock doesn't exist. Even though the driving has been frustrating, it's been a lot of fun! We never get this much rain!!

Unfortunately, the rain and I aren't getting along as well as usual at the moment. Ethan and I are heading to Abilene in a couple of hours for a very full weekend. We are supposed to have our engagement photos taken (outdoors) this afternoon. Chance of rain in Abilene? 80-90%. Tomorrow afternoon is my bridal shower! Poolside. Chance of rain? 80%. Sunday afternoon are my bridal portraits. Again outdoors. Chance of rain: 70%. I think this is the sun's way of sticking it to me for wishing it away all of this time. But, hopefully we'll find a way to make everything work. And maybe, just maybe, the sun will decide to shine for at least one of these activities. Pretty please, Mr. Sun? :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guest Book Box

I FINALLY had time to finish my guest book box last night. It ended up being much more time-consuming than I had planned. Now I know why people charge so much for them! I had a lot of fun doing it though. All of the supplies came from Hobby Lobby and Office Max. I can't wait to try it out at my shower this weekend!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Digs

Apparently this house is for rent in France. It is listed as having "no basement." Haha! Maybe I'll convince E to move there with me...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sho(e)t Me!

Yesterday evening I spent a good two and a half hours running all over town trying to find shoes for mine and Chelsea's weddings. WHAT A CHORE! I went to the three most reputable shoe stores in town and didn't find a thing. Everything was either way too expensive or the wrong color. Perhaps I should have started this process a little sooner. It is times like these that I wish I lived somewhere like Houston or Dallas. Ohhh to have options. So, tonight will be another fun shoe adventure. Here's to hoping that I'll have better luck the second time around!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, Monday, Go Away

9 a.m. and the only way this day can go is up! I woke up completely exhausted. You know it's going to be a long day when the only thing you can think about for the first hour of your morning is how excited you are for 10 p.m. when you can go back to bed. Once I get to work I have trouble functioning until I have had a chance to get a coke from the cafeteria and have some breakfast. Today of all mornings, the carbonated water was absent from all fountain drinks. I walked back to the office with my head drooping a bit at the thought of no caffeine to get me through this long morning. Next I discovered that the cream cheese in my bagel-ful was spoiled. Disgusting! What a morning!!

I think part of my attitude about today is due to the fact that I had a really awesome weekend that I did not want to end. It was so great to just be able to hang out in Lubbock for once and have not a care or responsibility in the world. I spent all but about 2 hours of my weekend with my friends, which is a great excuse to avoid chores and errands. We had a cookout, played games, and ate lots of unhealthy food. The highlight of the weekend was definitely playing Super Mario Brothers. I'm pretty sure we played for at least 8 or 9 hours total. So much fun!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Our long lost friend Rob is coming in town for the weekend today. Hopefully it will be an awesome weekend of friends and fun!
 ...Just some random pictures from years past. I sure miss all of my friends that have moved away from Lubbock! It has never been the same!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tulip Time

The weatherman says it's 59 degrees here today. I think it feels like 40... probably due to the 26-38mph wind gusts. How can a little wind make such a huge difference in the quality of a day? I can't wait until it decides to stay warm On a more positive note, it's my favorite time of year on Tech campus: Tulip time. At least I can look at the tulips on these chilly spring days and see a representation of what warmth looks like!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

RIP iPhone

Yesterday I decided to leave the world of iPhones and re-enter the world of the BlackBerry. I loved my iPhone, but it's just not a reliable phone. I don't play enough games or anything like that to make it a good fit for me. My contract was up so I decided to move in a different direction. Bittersweet. For some reason I always get a little nostalgic whenever I switch cell phones. I have trouble moving on knowing that my old phone has been with me through literally everything over the past two years. I will certainly miss the iPhone, but so far I am loving my new Bold.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Table Runners

This weekend Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby to try to find some fabric for the reception tables. I have a strange vision of using burlap.

I got the idea from this wedding:
The tables at The Grace are round though, so I'm really not sure what I'm going to come up with yet. We went ahead and bought several yards of the stuff. NEVER buy burlap in your nice clothes. It sheds like crazy. I'm not cutting or sewing that stuff without wearing a poncho!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday to Everyone

After work I'm headed to Abilene yet again. I'm looking forward to next weekend... I will finally have a relaxing-ish weekend in Lubbock! Hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

One taco short of a combination plate.

I got home from work yesterday with the idea in my head that I was going to do something about the disasters known as my bathroom drawers. I am an overly organized person in every aspect except my drawers. I do not leave ANYTHING laying out around the house because it drives me crazy. Everything always has to be in its exact place. No counters can have a single visible crumb. The bed must be made, the blinds must be open, and the couches must be straightened. If any of these things are out of order, I feel stressed out and messy. But.... don't open any drawers because you will think you have entered the most unorganized home in the world. They drive me crazy every time I open them because things fall over. I spend lots of time every day trying to stand everything back up to provide SOME sort of organization. For some reason, before yesterday it had never occurred to me that there is, in fact, a solution to messy drawers. Sections! Once I get a good idea in my mind, I want to get it taken care of right that moment. Not tomorrow, not next week... now. It's probably a personality flaw, but what can you do? So, when Ethan came over he helped me scour the place for shoe boxes. After a very unsuccessful search, Ethan came up with the idea of making sections himself. I'm very lucky to have found a man that will go along with my crazy ideas, even though he receives very little notice. We bought some wood at Lowe's, he worked his magic... and just like that, my drawers have become wonderful little additions to my life.

Here is a before picture of one of my more embarrassing drawers:
And here are the beautiful sections that Ethan created!:
How did I ever survive before?!
Another pesky problem drawer:
I bought a five dollar basket to solve this problem:
Ethan is going to make a few more wooden sectionals for the rest of my bathroom drawers. What a wonderful solution to an everyday problem! Thanks, babe!