Monday, March 1, 2010

Marching On

It's March 1st!! Lubbock welcomed the lovely month with rain and snow flurries this morning... but SURELY today is the last day that we will have to deal with snow. I'm praying that March will do us well and decide to be a very warm month. It has been a long winter!

This past weekend was the first of many trips to Abilene over the next few months. I will be out of town 5 of the next 7 weekends. Between two weddings, things are really started to get crazy. Hopefully I can learn to "relax" while on my little journeys. I have a problem with feeling like I got jipped out of a weekend whenever I leave town. Pretty sad, right? But I did get a lot accomplished this weekend, so that should help relieve some stress. I have now finalized the flowers, food, and cakes, met with the DJ, picked out shoes, and completed all three registries. Nothing better than checking items off of the to-do list!!

There are several people out of the office today, so I'm hoping for a calm start to the week. Happy Monday, and Happy March!

I decided to include the first image that came up when I googled "March". Why am I not surprised that this was the result? Not really what I had in mind... but that's alright.

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