Friday, February 19, 2010

Summer, is that you?

I've been thinking a LOT about summer lately. I miss having a tan, wearing flip flops, and being able to pull off having messy hair. The temperature got up to 60 degrees in Lubbock the past couple of days which was a great teaser. I cannot wait until I can walk into the building at work every morning without my toes and fingers turning white. I have a weird disorder called Raynaud's Phenomenon that makes me have really poor circulation. My heels and toes stay white pretty much all day during the winter whether I'm inside or out... which is why I wear my Uggs more than what is probably considered to be socially acceptable.
 {via Wikipedia}
Pretty attractive, right? I'm not sure how I ever make friends during the winter time.


texasholls said...

Me too!

texasholls said...

About summer that is...not about how you make friends during the winter. :)

Brandon E. said...

My mom has the same problem with her hands. Makes winter even more miserable. Sorry to hear you struggle with it too. WOW was the weather nice the past couple days.

Sarah Huffman said...

Yours aren't that bad, or I've never noticed them look as bad as the pics. And even if they did ever look that bad I'd still be your friend. I'd just ask you to wear gloves.

Jenna said...

Yes the weather was very nice the past couple of days!! Wish it wasn't going to be replaced by snow later tonight.

Sarah I'm glad you would still be my friend. :) Mine get that bad but only for a couple of minutes right when the blood starts to come back. Those pics were obviously taken during the very worst state.