Monday, February 15, 2010

The Yorkie Who Stole Valentine's Day

Ethan and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday night because we didn't feel like fighting the crowds on the actual "holiday". Before dinner, we stopped by DSW to get Ethan a new pair of shoes for a wedding reception that we were attending on Saturday night. Taking Ethan shopping is typically worse than pulling teeth, so I was happy that we made it part of our V-day date because that required him to go with a smile on his face. After that we headed to Olive Garden, which turned out to be a longer process than we had originally thought. While driving down the access road, we saw a lost little Yorkie dressed in a striped sweater. He was obviously very confused because he was running straight into traffic. For some reason I always think that it is my civil duty to drop everything and rescue lost animals if the situation arises. Since moving to Lubbock I have found several dogs, kittens, and even a rabbit. It's always a huge ordeal and often ends up taking way more time than I bargained to find the correct owner or find them a new, safe home. Buttttt I continue to do it. All of this to say that, after seeing the poor puppy, I was immediately telling Ethan to pull over the car. We raced through several car lots but couldn't locate the dog. Several minutes later Ethan spotted him standing in the middle of the street. I screamed for him to get out of the car and run to get him (while I stayed in the car covering my eyes). Ethan then spent the next 15 minutes chasing the dog but returned empty-handed and nearly suffered from a heart attack. By this time it was close to 9 so we decided to get our Olive Garden to go.

We split the Tour of Italy (my absolute favorite)...

...topped off with some Black Tie Mousse Cake.

It was heavenly. 

So maybe our date didn't quite turn out like we planned. But we had fun anyway! I can only hope that someone else saved the little Yorkie's life. Hope the rest of you had a very wonderful Valentine's Day as well!


Sarah Huffman said...

aww, this is why we're friends. we love little lost animals. remember that time we were driving to class and saw a truck swerve to hit a cat? ruined the rest of our day...

so glad i discovered your blog!! i'll stalk you now for sure!

Jenna said...

oh yeah! that was soooo sad. :( :(

...well i want you to bring back YOUR blog so i have some way to stalk YOU!