Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Devil's Chocolate

This morning I discovered that someone put Oreo balls in the teacher's lounge.

I have gone back three times now.

Why oh why don't I have any self-restraint???

24.75 hours until Christmas break!!!!!!!

(My posts are sooooo lazy lately. I know. I will do better after I get my Christmas break... promise.)

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas Wish

Dear Santa:
I would like one of these for Christmas...

I deserve it. I promise.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Warning: Soap Box Post

I'm absolutely terrible at saying no when it comes to my job. I hate that about myself. Absolutely hate it. It causes me to get taken advantage of constantly, and is the reason that I will no longer be getting a lunch break today.

Lunch breaks are VERY important for your sanity around here! Lunch time is the only time that I get 30 consecutive minutes of silence and time to myself all day.

Oh how I want to go on, but cannot.

Cross your fingers that I can keep a smile on my face throughout this veryyyy long day.

Countdown to Christmas break: 8 days!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I love cinnamon rolls. Always and forever. I would eat 15 a day if they wouldn't turn me into a cow. I'm lucky that eating several a week hasn't done so yet. I have 1.5 cinnamon rolls sitting on top of the microwave in my classroom waiting to be re-heated as we speak. They're around 48 hours old now but I don't care.

I'm really behind on blogging and it's stressing me out a little bit.

So I'll just try not to think about it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Eve of Once Upon a Christmas Eve

Well... this weekend is the big Christmas show. I feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my toes. (Needle pricks. Blisters.) We've done a lot of sewing and rehearsing, so this is sure to be a great show! Last night at dress rehearsal was actually the first time that I've ever seen the entire show. I LOVED it and daresay it is right up there with The Nutcracker in my book. 

We were rehearsing laaate into the night last night. I was standing on the stage as my bedtime ticked right on by and then some. The cats are always up waiting for me when I get up to start getting ready every morning. However, on this particular morning they were not in their usual spot by the door. I know this story is really random but it really was a first. I actually had to pick them up off of their respective places on the couches and carry them into the bathroom with me. 'Hey lady, don't you realize that we were up until a ridiculous hour waiting on you to come home so we could go to bed last night??' 


....40 minutes later and still too tired to stand.

Maybe... just maybe... rehearsal tonight will be over earlier. 

I'm sure that at around 7:00 tomorrow night, all of this exhaustion will be 100% worth it. 

T.G.I.F. am I right?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little Blessings

There's something about older substitutes at this school. They always seem to want to come in my classroom and start asking all sorts of personal questions before I even get their names. It has happened three different times now. I can understand their curiosity I suppose... it does seem a little strange to be spending so much of our daily math time on computers. Still, I'm not really one to ask awkward questions, ESPECIALLY to strangers.

Today a new sub marched into my classroom and immediately said "You have a hair on the back of your pants" and proceeded to remove it promptly before I could even respond. Uhh... thanks lady. I learned quickly that she was a little strange. She hung around to see what RM was all about but kept mostly to herself until I was getting the class lined up to leave. She walked up to me and said, “So, is this what you thought it would be?” I found myself stumbling around in my mind, trying to figure out how to answer that question. And honestly I am not even sure exactly what she meant by that question. I rambled on about something that I'm not even sure about now, but after she left it really made me start thinking. IS this what I thought it would be? In a word, no, “this” is not what I thought it would be. I mean, nothing ever is… right?

The most difficult thing that I've learned this year is that teaching isn't what it used to be. I feel like I have NO room for creativity whatsoever. I am simply there to make sure that things are run like they are "supposed" to be. Completely by the books. It seems like teachers are constantly walking on eggshells these days, which makes me really sad. I decided to become a teacher because of all of the wonderful memories that I have from elementary school. Sadly, most of my fondest memories of school would never be a possibility in today's public schools. I could go on and on about this subject but, alas, I should probably walk on a few more eggshells since this is a public blog. :) I do wonder sometimes if I want to do this again next year. I think that's a normal thought for first year teachers. Some weeks I'm filled with excitement when I think about my second year, and some weeks I spend all of my free time dreaming about what my next career will be. This is a personality flaw that has always caused annoyance during my job endeavors.

Regardless, many of the things that I've learned during these first few months of teaching are great things. When I first discovered that I would be working at the most "challenging" elementary school in Abilene, I really didn't know what to expect. It's always a little scary when you tell someone what school you're teaching at and they say, "Ohhhh... wow. That's... neat. You will be a great influence." Well, you know what? The kids at this school are so much more than I originally gave them credit for. They are a joy to be around and influence me daily to become a better person. They don't take anything for granted and are so grateful for the opportunity to learn. Sure, they occasionally say and do things that I never knew children under 10 years old were capable of, but it's hard to hold anything against them considering the home lives that many of them come from. Over the past few months they have become a huge part of my life. I dream about them every.single.night (which can be exhausting in some ways because I feel like I am at work all day AND all night). But when I really think about it, it's a blessing that even my subconscious is completely involved in what I am doing. These kids have absolutely no idea how much they have influenced me. No matter how I am feeling or how stressed out I am, they always find a way to brighten my day or make me feel better about myself.

How precious are they? I am so thankful that I get to spend my weekdays surrounded by 170 children who find a way to keep me smiling and make my day brighter every single day

Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy Elf

Between dance rehearsals, wrapping presents, making Christmas tags, Christmas cards, and shopping.. shopping.. and MORE shopping... I feel like I never rest anymore! (Which is why I have fallen out of the blogosphere.) Typical December, but I love all of the excitement. I TIVO'd all of my favorite Christmas movies so I can watch them nonstop during all of my crazy projects. Elf, Home Alone, The Santa Clause, The Holiday, The Family Stone, The Grinch, and Love Actually make insanity bearable. 19 days and counting!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Lovely Are Your Branches

Isn't this just the most beautiful Christmas tree that you have ever seen? I had this one in my living room before I put the real one up. It just doesn't quite have the same effect.

My Christmas tree suit and I have definitely had a love/hate relationship so far. It has cost me several painful hours, has turned my hands green, has caused me to bleed, and is overall very unflattering no matter which way you turn it. However, we survived our first outing together and it was actually kind of fun. Besides being miserably cold (and breaking several of my beautiful ornaments), I had forgotten how fun it is to be part of a parade.
I was glad Kasey and Toni were there to represent the rest of the evergreen family with me though, because I certainly wouldn't have wanted to do it alone. I'm looking forward to many long nights at the dance studio over the next 8 days!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

City Sidewalks

 Tonight I will make my debut as a Christmas Tree in the Abilene City Sidewalks Parade. Pretty big deal.

I wish I had a picture of the costume to show you. I spent hours upon hours on that thing and it is STILL the weirdest, most awful costume I have ever seen.

I was in the parade every single year growing up and I basically loathed it. It seems like the parade always falls on the coldest day of the year. The high for today is only 52, which might as well be freezing in my opinion. The forecast says that it will be approximately 40 degrees during the parade.

Don't worry, I bought some HotHands to put inside my gloves and shoes.
'Tis the season!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving

Here we are at Monday again after a whirlwind Thanksgiving break. I think I needed at LEAST another week off.

We feasted on turkey on Wednesday and Thursday, but I could still go for some more right about now. I was a little under the weather last week so my appetite wasn't what it usually is. I didn't eat NEAR enough and what a shame that is!

It was pretty chilly on T-giving, but we still managed to wander around the farm and check out all of our old childhood stomping grounds.
We got to see Seth for a very short time before he had to drive back to Dallas for work... Chelsea stayed around for a couple of extra days which was a lot of fun! We were able to do a little shopping and go see "Burlesque," which I highly recommend. Unless you are a guy, in which case I do not recommend it.

The best thing about the Thanksgiving feasts was that I didn't have to cook a single thing myself! I still haven't picked up the love of cooking that the older women in my family seem to have. I guess I'll just keep hoping that someday I would rather be IN the kitchen than out of it.

Although I didn't partake in any of the traditional Thanksgiving cooking, we did have a small portion of Ethan's family over for lunch on Sunday as they were passing through town. I guess I was feeling in the cooking mood on Saturday so I got a pot roast together and decided to try my hand at a couple of buttermilk pies. Needless to say, I spent three hours whipping these little guys together and after an hour in the oven, the buttermilk was still in a milky state. I had taken the recipe from one of my favorite blogs and am still not sure whether the recipe was wrong or if I am just terrible at making pies. It completely ruined my vision of our meal and I'm still not completely over the annoyance. It may be awhile before I try my hand at pie making again!!!

On Saturday I finally allowed myself to decorate the Christmas tree! I had already made three different trips to Hobby Lobby to try to pick out a new ornament color. Last year's bright blues were just not going to cut it in our new living room. I have two huge rubber-maids of all of my old ornaments from the past 5 or so years. I am extremely non-committal when it comes to ornament colors. I bought and took back a couple of different colors before finally settling on silver and white and I couldn't be happier with the final outcome.
My lonely stockings sure make me miss my real fireplace from last year. It was good while it lasted...

P.S. ......... 28 days until Christmas break!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More About Pillows

I have switched around the throw pillows in our living room about three or four times since we moved in back in August. I am the most fickle person when it comes to throw pillows.

After trying every possible throw pillow combination known to man, I FINALLY decided it was time to make my own.

Here is the most recent "before" throw pillow combo:
Definitely didn't fit the vibe that I'm going for in my house at all.

I made a throw pillow once in middle school, but it was a whale pillow so I don't know if that counts. I decided to make my new pillows have removable covers... you know... in case I change my mind again in a couple of weeks.

I'm too stubborn to use patterns so I always just sort of wing my sewing projects. This time I got extremely lucky and didn't even have to use a seam ripper once! I am so happy with the way the pillows turned out. They are exactly what I have been imagining. I hope they live a long and happy life in our living room.

I must now go and continue counting down to 3:00. Today I'm teaching 5th grade math, which requires a lot more brain cells than 2nd-4th grade math. I will need all of the patience that lies within me... which is not much.

Hope everyone has a very happy, restful, LONG Thanksgiving break!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter < Everthing else

The wind chill was in the 20s when I got to work this morning. I can only hope that this doesn't have to mean that winter has arrived. I prefer fall over winter x100,000,000.

A) I don't have any cute coats. My North Face jackets really don't look very good with my work clothes, nor are they very warm.

 Why oh why did I choose turquoise? Such a 22-year-old version of me thing to do.

B) I have two nice coats and one semi-nice coat. These are the only three coats that look somewhat good with my work clothes. Apparently the ultra long shirts of today were very much not in style back in 2007 when I bought the coats.

This morning I put on my longest Pea Coat and the ends of my cardigan were hanging below the coat... but only in the front. Even Ethan laughed at me (and let's just be honest, he has no sense of style). I ended up having to tuck the sweater in until I ditched the coat because it was so hideous.

C) The bottom of my right foot has been a strange mixture of dead and alive since 7:45 this morning:

If things don't change soon, I may not have a foot by January.

Sorry if it grosses you out to see a weird picture of the bottom of my foot.

Just trying to keep it real.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Wayyyy back in August, Kasey and I decided that we needed to make a trip to a Tech game sometime this season. We chose to go big and drive to Norman for the OU game. Neither of us had been to Oklahoma before, so why not?

Little did we know, this wasn't going to be Tech's proudest season.

However, considering the way things have turned out, we knew before we made the trip that it might be a rough game to watch.

We did NOT know just HOW rough.

Taylor Potts (QB1 of the Red Raiders for the past two seasons) went to our high school and is one of Kasey's closest friends. Hence the reason that she has decided to be a Red Raider fan for the past couple of years. I'm guessing that's not going to last after this season. :)

Here we are in our little Tech section... 70 rows up in the endzone with freezing winds. Those Sooners must love their visiting teams. We seem to be smiling, so this picture might have been taken during the first five minutes when the score was still 7 to 7.
I don't need to give you the dirty details of the rest of that game. Just know that we never scored another point. And that OU scored many, many more. It's a good thing that I went into the game with the oh-so-positive attitude that we had no chance of winning. Even with that attitude it was a heartbreaking thing to witness.

After the game we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory which was absolutely DELICIOUS. The next day we decided to roam around OU's campus for a little while before lunch. It was gorgeous. I loved the brickwork mixed with the pretty fall colors. It sure would be neat if we had a fall in west Texas.
All in all it was a great first visit to Oklahoma. I plan on forgetting the score of the game at some point down the road though.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wreck 'Em

Somehow I only got one picture of our awesome time with the Hothan's last weekend. We had a lot of great food and the game was incredible! It was a great day to be a Red Raider.

Tomorrow I am heading to Norman with my friend Kasey for the OU game. I would say that I hope being at this game will be as awesome as it was to be there last week, but I am really afraid that I might look at this on Monday and regret it. Plus... maybe thinking we are going to lose is actually a form of good luck this season? :)

Happy weekend!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Things

Back at the beginning of August I got to order $100 worth of free classroom supplies for being a first year teacher. I bought a couple of practical things that I would never want to spend my own money on and I filled in the remainder with office supplies.

I LOVE office supplies. Have I mentioned that before?

After that I forgot all about my free stuff. Until yesterday, when the office called me and told me I had three boxes of things!

YAY!! I can't use most of it until next year now. But YAY!

I opened up one of the boxes and found all kinds of post-it notes and a pop-up holder. It was a sight for sore eyes. I can't tell you how obsessed with post-its that I am.
How beautiful are they?! My early August self really knew how to give my November self a pick-me-up.

Still not quite as cool as these:
But that's okay because I save those for very special occasions. They're too beautiful to write on. I have a little collection of the ones that I have actually written on stuck to my desk. They are all old but I can't bring myself to throw them away. :(

Back to my goodies from yesterday. Know what else I found in my little box?

That's right, these puppies:
These are the most durable, beautiful cap erasers that I think I have ever seen. I had no idea that I had ordered 500 of these back in August. The cheap ones that I bought at Target a few weeks ago are almost hideous to me now. Perhaps I will just put all of the junky ones on my student pencils. I don't even care if they get stolen or broken anymore!

Oh, how far I have come.

But THESE beautiful babies... just look at them!

I won't be donating sharing these with the kiddos. I just might keep them in my drawer forever. Cap eraser love.

P.S. I'm so disappointed in myself for using my camera phone again. But it's just so much more simple. I wonder if there is such thing as a real camera that lets you email the pictures to yourself directly from the camera. I hate plugging my camera into my computer to upload pictures. Sarah, are you out there? Does that exist?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cattin' Around

I'm a cat person.

Sometimes that's a hard thing to say. Being a cat person is frowned upon in these parts.

I like dogs from a distance. I also like the idea of dogs and enjoy having one in my backyard to talk to and look at whenever I please. However, I do not like to touch dogs because they smell gross. Nor do I like for them to lick me.

How did cats get such a bad rep?

They are very inexpensive creatures to take care of. For example, there is no need for expensive toys. They can be easily entertained by simple things such as sweet tarts (which are biodegradable!).

{I promise that someday I will stop being lazy and start posting pictures taken by an actual camera.}

Sure, it may cause a tift or two. But these make for great entertainment while you are getting ready for work!

And the winner will celebrate by doing what cats do best: lying around doing nothing. Which might be slightly annoying when you would rather go back to bed than go to work. But at least SOMEONE is able to lie around all day without a care in the world.

If you are lucky you will even be able to dress them up once in a while. Who says dogs are the only good sports? Just make sure that you pin the clothing so tight that it cannot fall off. 

If the cats are annoying you, you can put them in a basket and lock them in the closet. Can't do that with dogs. Dogs bark. Sure, one of your cats might howl like a dog, but you learn to ignore it.

Best of all they will not bother you very often because they will spend most of their time perched in front of any available windows.

My cats love me. I just know it.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Last night I decided I had absolutely nothing to wear with my leggings this season. I know I have said this before... but shopping options in Abilene are VERY limited. I had spotted some cute shirts at The Buckle a couple of weeks ago, so to The Buckle I went.

Back in the day I had a bad experience at The Buckle due to their crazy commission working salespeople. I don't like strange people to be all up in my business while I'm trying to shop or try something on. IIIII will decide which shirt I like best, thankyouverymuch. I couldn't handle the awkwardness (yes I know you aren't surprised) so I stopped shopping there.

A few months ago I heard that the store had a salesperson makeover and that they were no longer as pushy. I'm a nice person, so I gave them another shot. It was actually a pretty pleasant experience! I've gone back several times since then.

Last night I walked in with one style of shirt on my mind... no help needed. Immediately one of the sales girls noticed the jeans I had on. "Omg I HAVE to show you the new Sevens that we got in today!!" She ran and grabbed a pair and brought them over. They were very cute but I let her know that I had just bought a new pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago. Doesn't she realize that I only buy like one pair of jeans per year? Doesn't everyone? I decided to be a nice person and make small-talk so I let her know that I was really just looking for a cute, long shirt.

After that the Peppy Sales Girl left me alone, seeming a little disappointed that I didn't want to buy a $200 pair of jeans on a whim.

Fast forward about 10 minutes. I'm looking around without much luck. Finally I find a shirt that should do the trick. About that time, here comes Peppy Sales Girl carrying five different outfit choices. Little half mannequins dressed in four layers of shirts topped off with sweaters, belts, and jewelry. "We've put together a few outfit choices for you! These will look great with jegs!" I was very caught off-guard. Many thoughts were flying through my head...
These outfit choices really aren't my style...
That belt looks like a biker babe...
Did they go to all this trouble to put these outfits together just for me?!?!?...
How in the WORLD am I going to get out of this??...

So I did what I usually do in this sort of situation. Nodded, smiled, and politely said I would try on the clothes. Poor Ethan left the store at that point. I went into the dressing room and looked miserably at all of the outfits. All I wanted to try on was the ONE shirt that I had picked out MYSELF. I carefully took apart the outfits they had created piece by piece and tried on only one piece from each. All the while Peppy Sales Girl was bringing me more and more things.

How's it going in there?!
Don't you just love the brown striped sweater?
The tan sweater will probably be too long on you, but try it on anyway!
Oh... I thought you might want to at least try on the new Seven jeans that I showed you. You will probably need to get them hemmed though!
Here are two pairs of jegs... that way you can actually see how the long shirts will look in real life.

I tried on a few of the things and ruffled the rest so it would look like I did. I spent a few minutes just standing there. I didn't want to come out after 2 seconds and be TOO obvious that I didn't actually try on 60% of the things she brought me.

After a few minutes I quietly emerged from the dressing room, carrying only the shirt that I had originally picked out for myself. I went to the checkout counter and the guy looked at the shirt I was holding, smirked, and said he was going to go see if Peppy Sales Girl wanted to check me out. She didn't. Guess my one little shirt wasn't worth her commission.

I left feeling a little offended and extremely exhausted. Thanks Peppy Sales Girl.

I won't be going back there for a while.

And that's unfortunate... because truth being said, I really did kind of like those Seven jeans. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks Texas.

I'm not typically a big procrastinator. In fact, I am usually on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. But for some reason I have REALLY been putting off my defensive driving course that is needed to take care of the very unfortunate choice that I made to speed in a school zone. The court gave me until December 23rd to complete the course, and back in September that sounded like a very long time away. It was still in the 90s outside after all.

I have taken defensive driving once before. I was 16 years old and had only had my license for a month when I pulled out in front of someone on the way to school and totaled my little Camry. On the way out of the house that morning I realized that I didn't know where my Driver's License was. My mom was a little upset with me: "Well, you better not get pulled over because you will get a ticket." So of course I was stressed out. Crying. And the sun was in my eyes. I didn't even see that a little truck was coming at 50 mph when I turned left. My little sister was in the car with me and was probably scarred for life. Luckily everyone was fine, but my parents didn't let me drive again for months seeing as I didn't have a car. I went from being one of the first drivers in my high school class to one of the last. And worse? It turned out that my driver's license had been in the back seat of the car all along.

Mom was nice enough to attend defensive driving with me that time. It took place at a little BBQ joint called Betty Rose's and was extremely boring. Not to mention that we had to take an hour long lunch break and sit at a table with a bunch of total strangers (situations such as this one are extremely awkward for me). It was a very boring day.

Whew, that felt like a long story. All of that to say that I don't like defensive driving.

To avoid a wasted Saturday and a really awkward lunch with strangers I decided to do defensive driving online this time around. I fully intend on completing it 10 minutes at a time over the next 6 weeks.

Why didn't online defensive driving exist when I was 16?!

Yesterday I finally got the drive to enroll in an online course called Comedy Defensive Driving.

This morning I watched the introduction and was introduced to my fellow classmates. They include a hick farmer, a "toker", Bonnie & Clyde, and a ditzy blonde girl. Here's to hoping that they can find a way to make this experience exciting.

...Did my blog title trick you into thinking that I was going to talk about Governor Perry? I just realized that it probably seemed like that. I'm very glad that wasn't the case.

Monday, November 1, 2010

...LESS Cowbell Please

What is with high school football fans and cowbells? We counted around five of them at the packed-out stadium on Friday night. One of them just happened to be sitting directly in front of us. And ohhh, she was PROUD of that cowbell! No play could be spared. 

I really must know what sort of personality type these cowbell ringers have. You would definitely have to be someone who craves attention and does not mind annoying everyone around you. 

What is the point of the relentless ringing, anyway? Can the players hear these cowbells? 


We won't go into the final score of the game. Nor will we go into the score of the game of my other team. Instead, we will just be glad that this weekend in football is over.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cross-Town Showdown

It's a big day in Abilene today. Some would call it the biggest day of the year. Tonight, Abilene High and Cooper will have the BIG football game. Side note: I am not as into this as I might be making it sound. Just wanted you to know that. However, I used to be VERY into this. We would look forward to Abilene High vs. Cooper for weeks upon weeks. The whole week leading up to the game was so exciting for us back in the day. Lots of excuses for dress up days, blacked out hallways, and an amazing black-out pep rally that consisted of lots of glow sticks and glow necklaces. Yes... I used to think this week was a VERY big deal.

The game tonight will determine who wins district this year. It has been said that there will be 20,000 people there tonight - myself and Ethan included. My Mom called to yesterday to inform me of this:

Mom: Well, the game is sold out for tomorrow night! There are going to be 20,000 people there! You are going to feel like you're at a Tech game!!

Me: Umm, I don't know about that.

You see, my Mom is Abilene High's #1 fan. It started when Chelsea and I were cheerleaders. Now she is the Athletic Secretary, so I suppose that is part of her job.

Whenever I go to a game with her, I know I can count on one conversation:

Mom: Well Jen, does it feel weird to be sitting up here in the stands instead of out cheering on the field?

Me: {Rolling my eyes} No, Mom, that was like 7 years ago.

It never fails.

I haven't been in town for the cross-town rivalry since '04. I will say that the atmosphere around this place today is pretty exciting. Not quite like Lubbock gets before playing UT, but it's still fun.
I mean, poor little Abilene can't help it. They don't have a big college to get all excited about, so this is about as good as it gets.

I hope it's a good game and that we don't get caught in too much traffic. TGIF and Go Eagles!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rules of Pencils

When you have 120 students in your classroom every day working math problems, pencils are on high demand. Since I don't have a homeroom class, I did not get to benefit from school supplies brought by the students. I provide all of the pencils used in my classroom. At first that didn't seem like that big of a deal, but ohhhhh, it's a big deal. I just might spend 1/4th of my paycheck for the year on pencils.

I have learned many things about pencils this year:

1) Do not attempt to stock your classroom with fun, colorful pencils. They will cause many unnecessary arguments.
2) Do not - I repeat - DO NOT include one fun colorful pencil in the mix of a tub of plain, yellow pencils.

3) Children should NOT be allowed to get their own pencils out of the tub. Even though this means you will spend 1/15th of your day passing out pencils.

4) Under NO circumstances should children have access to pencil sharpeners.

5) Under NO circumstances should you sharpen a pencil for ANYONE during class. You will soon find yourself in the business of pencil sharpening. Did you get your degree in pencil sharpening? No.

6) Pencils will be chewed on. Warning of gross germs will not do any good. End of story.

7) Erasers have a lifespan of 2 days. Once the eraser is gone, the pencil will be deemed worthless by the child.

8) After 2 months of hearing children ask you for a pencil that includes an eraser, you will realize that you cannot STAND erasers.

9) You will decide to tell the children that they will have to start marking out their mistakes instead of erasing them, because you are depressed by the 75 billion perfectly wonderful pencils sitting in the jar abandoned because they do not have good enough erasers.

10) Despite all of this, you will continue to keep your 10 pretty boxes of cap erasers that you searched frantically all over town for a few weeks ago locked up in their boxes in the drawer.

11) Why in the world would you want to deal with the wrath that colorful erasers are SURE to cause if put on the ends of your pencils? Didn't you learn your lesson with the colorful pencils?

12) You realize that you are completely out of pencils with erasers. 200 pencils. Not one eraser. And you are really tired of children raising their hands just to tell you that their eraser doesn't work.


14) Don't say the above statement. Calmly assure the child that this is not the end of the world.

15) Finally give in on October 26th and open ONE box of beautiful, fresh, cap erasers. This will be a test.
16) Put the erasers on 30 wounded pencils and place them in the tub with the rest of the pencils.

17) Hold your breath the first time that you pass out the pencils with the pretty erasers. Make sure that every child in the class gets one of the pencils with a new eraser because you just don't want to deal with it right now.

18) Control your thoughts as the requests for specific colored erasers start being thrown at you while passing them out. "Pink, pink, pink!!!" "....Awww I got blue ughhhhhhhhhhhh."

19) While picking up pencils at the end of the day, notice that at least 10 of your new erasers have mysteriously gone missing.

20) Have no words. None.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Where? How?

I am soooooo envious of people who have vintage furniture. Our house is really lacking in the furniture department, and I would love to find a few really cheap pieces that I could paint and use to spice up the living room and dining room. Where do these people find such awesome pieces of furniture? On the side of the road? Online? Garage sales? Flea markets?

But I'm not good at dealing with strangers, so I avoid Craigslist and garage sales like the plague.

This is a real pickle. Sounds like I'm just going to have to keep my eyes peeled every time I take out the trash and hope for a miracle!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Home or Homeless?

Ethan and I were talking the other day about how we still think of Lubbock as home. I often find myself planning for an evening at a Lubbock destination, or thinking about what errands I need to run and I have the Lubbock location in my mind instead of the Abilene location. Yes, I realize that sounds weird. We've been here for three months... you think I would have figured out what town I'm in by now!

It's weird because for my first several years in Lubbock, I always knew that Abilene was where home was. Lubbock was just a pit-stop. Then somewhere around my 5th year in Lubbock, the tables turned. I thought that once we moved back to Abilene I would just go right back into my old state of mind. Instead, it seems that I see Abilene as a place from my past... the place where I grew up and hold my fondest childhood memories. Lubbock is home to me as an adult, as an independent person. I can't help but wonder if it would take years to return to the mindset that Abilene is "home".

So I miss Lubbock. A lot. And when I lived in Lubbock, I missed Abilene a lot. I must be bad at moving.

Either way, tomorrow I get to go back to Lubbock for a little day trip with my mom!! To shop and eat at all of those glorious places that I took for granted when I lived there. Can't wait!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Everlasting Pillow Search

I have finally started putting together the guest bedroom! Whether or not it will come together nicely is a different story. On Saturday I went to seven different stores in two hours trying to find the "perfect" throw pillows.

None of these stores had even one of the pillows that I had in mind. I would try to explain the perfect throw pillows to you, but even I am not sure of the details.

I have started noticing a trend in this type of behavior. I get an idea in my mind of what something should look like, and then I cannot settle on anything unless it is nearly identical to my original idea. The downside to this way of shopping is that I often dream up the perfect pillow pattern, wall hanging, or whatever the object is without ever knowing if such an item actually exists. Which means that it probably does not. And it especially doesn't exist in Abilene, Texas.

So I run all over town hoping that one of our seven stores might have happened to read my mind. It never happens. Eventually I usually give up and settle for an item that pales in comparison to the original imaginary item. After that, I spend the next 6 months staring at the room in question, trying to figure out exactly what it is that I don't like about the room.

Clear as mud.